Episode 1: Choose You, Bet On Yourself w/ David Michael Jonze


How could you know where you want to end up if you don’t know who you are?

Think about that for a second.

Now, press play and dive into the inaugural episode of Dreams In Drive


David Michael Jonze is a 22-year old Artist doing his best juggling act. The Orange, New Jersey native is a recent grad of William Paterson University where he studied Media Production, Public Relations, and Interpersonal Communications. His eclectic experience has taught him the value of versatility in the creative world and the importance of serving as a producer, promoter, and distributor in all creative endeavors. He aspires to  be a creative force using music and film and his primary tools.

David Michael Jonze


1. There’s a lot of people who have dreams, but are not willing to invest in themselves.

2. “You have your days when you’re looking at it and say, “Yo, I might have f*****d up. I may not be good enough to do this, but you gotta shake that off real quick. Remind yourself you’re in too deep. You gonna be as good as you gotta be.”

3. Learn yourself. “All those times in high school I spent not doing work, I was learning myself. Thinking about my thoughts…my actions…who I really was as a person. I really got to learn me as a person and what made me tick. I was really receptive of things that I needed and wanted.”

4. Never ignore your gut instincts.

5. If you want to know yourself, sit and reflect about your day. It’s an important tool. We need that time. Don’t be afraid of the truth. You have to want to want to be the best version of yourself.

6. Your motivations need to be internal (or your energy will run out).

7. Focus on running your race.

8. You can’t be afraid to talk. Learn how to articulate your ideas and be passionate about what you want.

9. Remember: Certain things are beyond your control.

10. If you have it in you to keep fighting, keep fighting.

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5 comments on “Episode 1: Choose You, Bet On Yourself w/ David Michael Jonze

  1. Cool interview. Lots of golden nuggets to enrich our hearts and minds. Thanks for posting the key quotes and takeaways. It’s so important to give voice to our influences, inspirations, struggles and success. Bless up!

    Inspiration is free!

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