Episode 5: How To Get Rich By Shifting Your Mindset w/ Roshawnna Novellus


What if I told you that the secret to getting rich (or seeing long-term success) in your business is connected to your mindset….would you believe me?

In episode 5 of the No Parking podcast, we chat with Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, a   expert, , investor, and  enthusiast that helps  build wealth. She is the President and Founder of Novellus Financial and The Wealthy Yogi.

In today’s podcast we discuss the different mindset and lifestyle shifts you need to make in order to achieve your personal, financial, and business goals.

Dr. Novellus holds a Doctor of Science in Systems Engineering, with a Minor in Finance from George Washington University; a Master of Science in Information Technology emphasizing Information System Engineering; a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management Economics; and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering – achieving Summa Cum Laude in each. She is a Federally Licensed Enrolled Agent and member of The National Association of Tax Professionals and National Association of Enrolled Agents.



– How being intentional at a young age helped her practice good habits as an adult
– Why practicing mindfulness can help you grow your business
– How going to Thailand on a trip inspired her to launch The Wealthy Yogi
– Why all financial decisions should be made from a place of peace and calm
– How Roshawnna grew her business through social media (and Linkedin)
– 3 reasons most people give up when attempting to launch their business
– Why you need to surround yourself with the RIGHT people
– Why partnering with other businesses could help you grow and expand
– How other people’s energy can affect the way you run your business
– How being part of a business mastermind helped her increase her business revenue
– The KEYS to financial success (and eventually becoming RICH!)
– How to be MORE ASSERTIVE & CONFIDENT in asking for what you want
– Why listening to what other people say about you is IRRELEVANT and the ONLY times you should actually do it

– What were you like as a child?
– How did you figure out what would be your college major?
– What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
– What were some of the challenges you faced as you built your business?
– Why is being at peace so important to growing your business?
– How did practicing mindfulness help you grow your business?
– How do you combine your love of yoga + finance into your business offerings?
– How did you find your first clients?
– How can you find mentors?
– What are the keys to financial success?


1. The lack of financial literacy in the United States is the cause of many problems including not following your dreams. Alot of times, we make financial decisions based upon other peoples’ goals

2. Make financial goals based on what’s best for YOU and your situations.

3. Practice mindfulness. Be strategic. Work smarter, not harder.

4. In order to be an entrepreneur, you have to be in charge of your emotions, believe in your goals, and stick to your path even though there is chaos. Things don’t always go as planned.

5. A lot of times, we ask advice from the WRONG people. Surround yourself with the right people so that you can SUCCEED.

7. There’s a difference in being CONFIDENT and QUESTIONING your business.

8. Pursuing your dreams in always worthwhile, but if you’re going to do it, you need to go ALL the way. GO FOR IT!

9. If you don’t think you can handle parts of your “plan” not going the way you want, then you really shouldn’t be an entrepreneur.

10. Eliminate what doesn’t work. Hone in on what DOES work. Roll with it. Go with it.

11. The Keys to Financial Success: Find out who your paying customer is and how long it will take them to convert to revenue. Get the line of credit BEFORE your leave your job. Figure out your strategy for financing your business.

12. Have a positive mindset. Don’t let other people steal your energy, your positivity, and your power. Be protective of your energy. Try not to let other people put you in a place where you are second-guessing yourself. You are who you are. Everyone doesn’t have to get it or understand.

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