Episode 3: How To Master Your Craft & Stand Out In Your Niche w/ Kiff


Have you been scared to take the plunge and really focus on getting better at your craft? In today’s podcast, we talk to Kiff, a multi-genre music artist, producer, & mixing engineer (and ’14 Rutgers University graduate) about how he is  putting his dreams into drive. Kiff dives deep into how focusing on mastering his music has helped me stand out and create a name for himself.


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-The importance of perfecting your signature style
– How to find time to do what you HAVE to do and what you LOVE to do
– Power of networking and making things happen for yourself
-What a “bedroom producer” is and WHY you shouldn’t be one
-How using what’s “trending” can help you grow your audience
-How to make time to do what you have to do and what you want to do
-A mini lesson on NJ music & the importance of creating location-based communities in creating space for creatives to thrive
-How to go from FOR FREE to Monetizing your skills and making more $$$
-Why dream driving isn’t that easy & why being humble will take you places
-The importance of using social media to build your brand and show all aspects of your persona & interests (even if you are highly opinionated)
-How to rebuild & reengage past networks 

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1. Perfect your signature style. Don’t be ashamed of what makes you unique. People will respect you for what makes you YOU.

2. Everything is about being creative. There’s millions of people trying to do what you’re trying to do. What’s going to make you stand out is what makes you creative and unique.

3. When you have a passion for something, but other things are in the way, you’ll know if that passion is real if you want to make that time and if when you make that time, you see it as having fun.

4. When networking, think about creating MUTUAL benefits. Sometimes we can focus too much on ourselves. Ask: What do they need? How can I help use my experience to benefit them.

5. By not taking your craft seriously (but marketing it like you do), you’re blocking blessings and opportunities for people who do take it seriously.

6. When you allow your focus on plan B and C to override plan A – you run the risk of plan B & C’s occurring and not your plan A.

7. As soon as you think about it, start implementing.

8. It’s important to have a strong support system. They may help you see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are seeing darkness.

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9. Don’t be afraid to start out doing stuff for “free.” You build experience – something that will become invaluable as your portfolio grows.

10. Your relationship with your audience comes FIRST. Focus on building quality relationships.

11. Stay consistent .You might not see your vision as clear when you first start out, but if you stay consistent, results will occur. Sometimes you’ll wake up and not want to work, but if you stay consistent, that’s the only ingredient you need.

12. Need motivation to keep going? Picture yourself driving. Picture yourself winning.

Kiff, formerly known as DJ Kiff, is a multi-genre music artist, producer, mixing engineer, and still djs when it’s time to perform.  Coming from Irvington, NJ, he’s a member of the Brick Bandits Crew and was responsible for helping to spread the new generation of Jersey Club starting in 2011. From features on Mad Decent Mixtapes,  Sam Tiba/Club Cheval from France, BBC Radio 1,  XLR8, Vice/Thump, having a music video from a Los Angeles label EP release with Ultrademon (Coral Records) on MTV & MTVHive, including other various blog debuts and features, Kiff has made huge contributions to the Jersey Cub realm.  He’s known for his smooth R&B,  trap and soul sounds infused with the spirit Jersey Club to bring a futuristic approach to the genre.

Twitter: @ayokiff
Instagram: @ayokiff
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/ayokiff

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