Episode 63: Reclaiming Your Health, Legacy & Purpose w/ Necole Kane

At the end of the day, what truly matters? What are you truly chasing or driving towards? In this episode, we chat with Necole Kane – the writer, influencer, entrepreneur and founder of xoNecole.com  and the former celebrity gossip blog Necole Bitchie. Necole opens up and shares some personal stories about her transition from running Necole Bitchie to switching gears and creating a safe place for women online to be empowered and share their stories. Necole discusses some of the difficulties she experienced over the years and how she pushed through pain and some of the negative (and positive) effects this had on her life. Necole talks thinking things are going to get better, navigating dating & relationships, making health and self-care a priority, trusting the timing of your life, the impact of grief/losing loved ones, the “freedom of irrelevancy”, and what happiness means for her now. She also shares pointers and tips she’s learned about what truly makes any blog, brand, or business successful and how you can RECLAIM & DEFINE your health, legacy, and purpose. Make sure to check the show notes for this episode at www.dreamsindrive.com. Use the hashtag #dreamsindrive to engage online. Enjoy!



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– What inspired Necole as a child
– Feeling like you are deserving of everything that comes your way
– Dating & relationships
– How running Necole Bitchie drained Necole’s health
– The transition from NecoleBitchie to xoNecole
– Thinking things are going to get better
– Fear
– Making health and self-care a priority
– Trusting the timing of your life
– The importance of heath and healing
– The impact of grief + finally accepting her journey and who she was
– Influencer marketing + the power of searchable content
– The importance of legacy + purpose
– The freedom of irrelevancy
– Tips for building a blog, brand, or business
– Defining happiness

1. Faith
2. Support System
3. Plan


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Rana Campbell is the host of the Dreams In Drive Podcast and owner and founder of Dreams In Drive LLC. She is a marketing/branding expert that loves helping creatives & lifestyle entrepreneurs build brands that SHINE in the business world.

1 comment on “Episode 63: Reclaiming Your Health, Legacy & Purpose w/ Necole Kane

  1. I am listening to this episode right now at work for inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward. I’ve had various negative and traumatic life events happen to me over the course of 3 years and I feel very overwhelmed at times and sometimes it seems impossible to be myself again. I hope that Necole’s story and this episode can help me move forward and become a better me after my past. Keep interviewing. You are doing an amazing job.

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