Episode 2: How To Start! (Even If You Don’t Feel Ready)


Hey Dream Drivers,

Welcome to episode 2! This episode is a solo round where podcast host Rana Campbell talks about what inspired her to start Dreams In Drive, what she hopes dream drivers will be able to get out of being part of the community, and most importantly – WHY IT’S SO IMPORTANT TO GET STARTED EVEN IF YOU DON”T HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUT!



1. You’ll gain so much confidence by just getting started that pivoting will be organic and not something that you fear.

2. If you have certain desires and goals,  don’t allow yourself to “sit” without putting them into motion.

3. You can’t be afraid to start because you’re afraid of failing. If you embrace failure as a way to come back and be better, you’ll get alot more done.

4. Studying how other people have become successful can serve as motivation and encouragement.

5. Put a date on it! When you set a goal, make sure to attach a deadline. Hold yourself accountable.

6. There are so many people out there who want to see you succeed.Keep going. (You never know who your silent supporter is.)


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About Rana Campbell

Rana Campbell is the host of the Dreams In Drive Podcast and owner and founder of Dreams In Drive LLC. She is a marketing/branding expert that loves helping creatives & lifestyle entrepreneurs build brands that SHINE in the business world.

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